Reggie's Holiday Pick 2023

Reggie couldn't make up his mind this year! Instead of just one item, Reggie is bringing you a footwear trio of warmth and comfort that will make your winter truly special.
Choose from Reggie's cozy lineup of exclusive Redbird footwear.

Your purchase will directly benefit current and future Redbirds. Every gift directly supports your chosen college or program on campus funding crucial needs, including scholarships for students in need, enhancements to facilities and equipment, and faculty development and research.

How It Works

  • Select Your Items Below: Choose from Trouser socks, Fuzzy Sherpa Socks, or Reggie Slippers at the bottom of this page.  Choose as many as you like! *Note that all products are one-size fits all. Reggie Slippers will fit up to Men's Size 9/10.
  • Give with Purpose: Each item comes with a minimum donation amount, ensuring your contribution makes a meaningful impact.
Trouser Socks: $20
Sherpa Shocks $30
Slippers $40

  • Designate Your Gift: On the giving form, select the area on campus that you prefer to support.

  • Ship Directly To your Redbirds: Surprise your family and friends by sending Reggie's Holiday Pick directly to their doorstep. During checkout, simply provide their name and shipping address. Your package will include the chosen items, a heartfelt card, and a personalized note explaining the transformative power of the gift.

    To ensure your loved ones receive their gifts in time for the holidays, we're shipping orders on November 17, December 1, and completing the final shipment on December 12, 2023. Any orders place after the 12th, will be mailed by December 21. Please call for special requests. 

Any orders place after Dec. 12, will be mailed at our earliest convenience. Please call for special requests.
Our offices will be closed from December 22 - January 2.

Call the Office of Annual Giving at 309-438-4483 or email