Alternative Breaks

With Alternative Break (AB) trips departing campus in the coming months, AB is calling on alumni and friends of the program to support students going on the trips by funding partial fee waivers. The cost for students to participate in AB trips ranges from $275 to $2,400, with waivers ranging from $50-200 based on which trip they’re attending. The waivers are small due to the number of students who request waivers and the total amount we have to offer. Every gift to AB helps one more student gain the AB experience.

How could your gift be used?

$25 – Supports half of an ASB fee waiver

$50 – Provides a fee waiver for 1 ASB student

$75 – Supports half of an AWB-International fee waiver

$100 – Provides fee waivers for 2 ASB students, or half of a fee waiver for the summer trip to Kenya