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15,000 Redbirds Strong

Participation Drive
We are 14,425 donors toward our goal of 15,000 Redbirds Strong by the end of the fiscal year and of Redbirds Rising (June 30, 2020).

15,000 Redbirds Strong

As a donor, you cast your vote of confidence in Illinois State University. To those who evaluate ISU, donor participation means more than dollars.

  1. Your gift helps boost ISU's college rankings. U.S. News & World Report use alumni donor participation as a metric in their ranking. Increasing this metric can positively move the ranking and increase the value of an ISU degree.
  2. Your gift helps enrollment. Your gift demonstrates to prospective students that ISU has a broad donor base investing in their educational experience.
  3. Your gift increases ISU's ability to earn grants. Some foundations look at donor participation as a key metric when evaluating grant applications. They want to see that those closest to a university are investing in it before determining whether they will invest.
  4. Your gift bolsters the campus community. Students benefiting from private support are encouraged to know that there's a community of Redbird donors who are investing in their education and believe in their ability to succeed.

Make a gift and cast your vote of confidence in Illinois State University today. Encourage others to participate by sharing #15KRedbirdsStrong on social media.